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We are creating 5 parametric fonts based on the antique-gothic template in Prototypo. Hang on, it won’t take long.

There is a new parametric font in town.

Antique Gothic Click here to animate the font and experience the type specimen

How to customize this specimen?

To introduce you to Antique Gothic, we created
this sound specimen. Each block of text is linked
to a specific type design parameter and
to the sound in the room you are in. Play sound
for me sir

Choose a parameter, choose a frequency and enjoy. See more

But what is Prototypo?

Prototypo is a web app which enables over
40,000 graphic designers to create their own
bespoke fonts in an intuitive way. Come
join us?

Start by choosing one of our 5 font templates,
set more than 30 parameters, create groups of letters,
and manually refine the details you need.

Your clients ask for unique identities,
you provide unique fonts. Try the app
for free

Contact us.

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We are eager to be involved in new projects
using Prototypo’s technology.

Contact us on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin
and head to the lab where you will see all the
experiments around Prototypo. Bring me
there now


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Low Change

This specimen reacts to sound

Would you like to enable the interactivity?

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